Would you like to buy some balls?


As a registered user you can inform other collectors and the entire web which balls you are missing from your collection that you would like to buy. During the development of this site I received many requests for this feature so now it is also built into the site. You can do it many ways:

1. Answer the 7th question on your profile telling which balls you are missing from your collection and let other registered collectors contact you.

2. Select the balls that you need from the image gallery of the site and mark it with a small soccerball icon as „I need a ball like this” at the top right side of the screen. You can do it only if you are logged in.

3. Write about the balls that you need into the forum. Keep in mind that the forum comments will be visible for everybody that visits the site, not only for the registered users - so your request will reach a lot of people.

4. If you do not find the balls that you need in the image gallery of the site, just simply upload pictures about it at the „edit profile” section and write a description if necessary. All the needed balls are listed in the top menu (Collectors/Balls needed) so your requests will be visible for all the visitors of the site. You can reach many people free of charge without time limit.

5. You can also browse the profiles of the registered users and read the 4th and 8th questions in case you find the ball that you are looking for.

As a registered user you can directly contact any collector and do the business on your own. But again, the site recommends you to do the transactions through ebay and pay with paypal, especially if you do not know the seller and you intend to buy anything. The site will not know about your transactions, it only provides you a platform to meet collectors and is not responsible for the authenticy of the statements provided by the registered users.



If you are not a registered soccer ball collector on this site yet, you can still buy balls from the users from the site. Just browse the profiles of the collectors and see what balls they offer for sale. You can also take a look in the „Balls offered” section and you can even read forum comments of balls offered by the users of the site. For the protection of the registered users, their email addresses are only visible for other registered collectors but if you write an email with your request to the administrator of this website (worldcupballs@worldcupballs.info) you might have permission to contact any seller if he confirms that he is ready to accept mails from you.



In case you would like to buy balls that are offered directly by the site, please visit the official ebay store of the site here (among many other balls you can find all the 19 World Cup balls for sale here). In case you are not an ebay user yet but you would like to start collecting balls, just contact the site directly at: worldcupballs@worldcupballs.info


This site has an eBay Shop where you can find many balls (including all the World Cup balls 1930-2010) for sale. Click here to see the available balls that the site offers for sale on eBay.

The eBay Shop of the site operates since 2004, during the past few years it has earned the Top Rated Seller and the PowerSeller awards, it has over 500 positive feedbacks and the feedback rate is 100%, all the buyers have been satisfied with their purchases. Payment with paypal and combined shipping is also possible. 14 days money back guarantee is provided as well. World wide shipping is possible.


The site has an official YouTube channel, click here if you wish to see the videos that are uploaded by the site. If you would not like to miss any new video the site has uploaded, please subscribe on YouTube.

Here is the first video of our collections - just to show you an example. More will follow later on.